Thursday, 12 May 2016

Refraction Time

Some smart scientists from the Future Force helped trial an activity today that will be included in the new House of Science water kit.
They learnt that light bends when it travels from air through water.  Refracto-Cat got our thinking started as we made scientific observations using our prior knowledge and making connections to discuss why his face was so distorted.

Why do you think RefractoCat's face is so round?

The Future Force scientists made predictions about what might happen to their faces if they looked through a glass jar.

They then had a go themselves to test their predictions.

Empty Jar

Jar filled with Water

Some interesting observations were made when Ryan put his fingers behind the jar. 
What can you see?
What are your ideas about what has happened to his fingers? 

Have a look at this video that explains more about light refraction and why things look bent when we put them in water.

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