Thursday, 17 March 2016

Oysters tell a story

Another way scientists check the health of our marine water is with oysters.
 These oysters were collected from Ohiwa harbour and were deployed to the Tauranga harbour in various locations late last year.  Sitting in their cage for 3 months, they feed by filtering water over their gills.  If there is pollution in the water, the oyster flesh will tell the story of what type of contaminant it is.  Rob is the scientist whose feet you can see in the picture.  He dived down into the marina to collect the cage.  You can read more about the project in this article from the BOP times.

There were a few hitch-hikers attached to the cage when we pulled it out of the water.  Can you see what they are?
Just the facts:
Birgus Latro is a giant hermit crab which lives on land.  Its common name is the Coconut Crab although it is also known as the Robber crab because it can steal your pots and pans and even eat your cat!
Can you find out where in the world it lives and why it is called the Coconut crab?

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