Tuesday, 1 March 2016

BOP Maps

The Scientists at the BOP Regional Council use this GeoView2 programme to track changes over time and map land and water features in the Bay of Plenty.  In the picture, I am using a map book, a list of sites and the digital map to measure the area of mangrove spots in the Tauranga Harbour.  The programme is very clever - you just click around a group of mangroves and it measures the area for you!

You can have an aerial look at the Bay of Plenty region using this online map called BayExplorer.  If you zoom in close to the harbour shoreline, the greenish areas are mangrove sites.  Try and find Te Puke - the pictures are a bit old - Where are our sandpit and bike track?

Another very cool map is the Change over time view on this BOP Map site - have a look at how much the Mount area has changed in 37 years!

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