Thursday, 17 March 2016

A watery day in the Rangitaiki Catchment

We drove a very long way up into the hills in the Rangitaiki catchment on Wednesday to test the water in 5 different stream locations.
My job was to sit in the back of the ute and navigate the way with a topo map (my map skills are very rusty!)
It is a beautiful area of NZ up past Galatea - misty hills and clear waterways.

Rochelle is collecting bottles of water for chemical and bacterial analysis.
She also placed a meter in the water to check the temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and salinity levels.  The results are sent via bluetooth to an iPad.
All this information is recorded in a BOP Regional Council database.  The scientists use their skills to analyse what it all means over time and check to see if any events (like heavy rainfall or dairy or forestry runoff have effects on the water).

There were some very slippery slopes to walk down.  I slipped and skidded down this one on my bottom!

Craig is gauging the flow of the stream.

Just the Facts:
A Topo map shows the physical features of a landscape - it uses shading and lines to show how steep the terrain is and also waterways, plains and plantings.  Have a look here at a topography map of Te Puke.  Can you find a map key (also called a legend) to work out what all the lines and colours mean?

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