Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Successful Catch!

We had a successful catch in our 5 fish traps laid along the waterways on Kaituna Road. In total we caught 6 goldfish, loads of Gambusi (a pest whose other name is mosquito fish) and 3 Common Bullys.

Can you see a couple of fish in the container?

Each fish was measured and then set back in the water.

We also caught quite a few eels - they are VERY hard to catch because they are so slimy.

Hamish is measuring the length of each eel.

The type we caught were Shortfin Eels.  The presence of these means the water quality is probably ok, but if there had been Longfin Eels, that would indicate that the water was much cleaner.

Just the Facts:
Eels aren't always so slimy.  They secrete slime as a defence mechanism when they feel like they are in danger.  Like...... when you are trying to catch them to measure how long they are!

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  1. I would love those goldfish and gambusi fish to be left out of the water - they are such menaces.