Saturday, 13 February 2016

Wairoa River

On Friday we spent the day going up and down the Wairoa River in a boat.  We were working with a Marine Scientist who wanted to GPS record the places where salt and fresh water levels meet in the river.  We started at the river mouth (this is the place where the river meets the sea) and recorded that there was no fresh water.  We then went up the river measuring the levels all the way until there were no more salt water recordings.  This was up past the Waimarino canoe park.
We used a little orange Castaway meter to record these levels.  My job was to drop it in the water then pull it back up really quickly so that the water could run through it to record the freshwater and saltwater levels.

Just the Facts: Did you know that saltwater is heavier than freshwater so this makes it sit at the bottom of the river?

On the way up the river we saw a tree full of kāruhiruhi (pied shags) which were relaxing in the sun with their young.

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