Saturday, 13 February 2016

Kaituna Catchment

I have spent my first week of placement having a wonderful time exploring the waterways in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.
On Wednesday, we went around all the rivers and streams in the Kaituna catchment to test the water for flow rate, pH levels, Dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature.  We took samples in little bottles to send to the laboratory in Whakatane where they test for chemicals and bacteria.  Some of the streams and rivers we tested are right here in Te Puke.  You might know some of them...  The Raparapahoe and Ohineangaanaga streams? We even went up Manoeka Road to test the Kirikiri stream.
Just the Facts: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the amount of oxygen that is present in the water. It is measured in milligrams per liter (mg/L), or the number of milligrams of oxygen dissolved in a litre of water.  Good DO levels are important for creatures who live in the water as they need oxygen for their survival.


  1. This sounds great, Karen! I hope the Ohineangaanga Stream next to our school is still in great condition with loads of O2. Do you wear orange so you are clearly visible when you fall in and bob along? :)

  2. Haha Mrs Meyer! Good point. It pays to be visible in the water so you can be seen easily. We had to wear high viz vests that day because we were in the forest. The forest health and safety rules are very strict. I will add a photo of me fully kitted out in forest safety gear - right down to the steel capped boots!